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Should I cover synthetic rattan garden furniture in winter?

Do I need to cover rattan furniture in winter?

High quality, premium rattan garden furniture doesn’t really need to be covered during winter, as the UV stabilized rattan weave and aluminium frame prevent it from the rain, frost and sun damage. However you may wish to keep your furniture from general dirt and grime by using a cover, and therefore if you want your furniture to be “ready to use” all year round you may want to invest in a lightweight cover. The beauty of the modular system of rattan is that you can often box it together, which will mean a smaller cover can be purchased to fit over the top of the entire set at once. This will often need fastening down using string, which is best done on the legs or feet of the furniture.

The poorer quality brands of rattan furniture will actually need a cover to prevent serious degradation, which includes fading or breaking of the synthetic rattan, and rust or bending of the steel frames. This is why investing in a better quality set is usually more cost efficient in the long run.


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