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Garden Tables

Shop our extensive range of garden tables online now.

Table Categories

2 Seater Tables

Shop our range of 2 seater tables, perfect for a cozy seating area.

4 Seater Tables

Shop our range of 4 seater tables online today.

6 Seater Tables

Shop our range of 6 seater dining tables online today.

8 Seater Tables

Shop our range of 8 seater garden tables, perfect for a large gathering.

An example of a 2 seater outdoor table

Which table should you choose for your patio?

There are plenty of tables to choose from, so you might be slightly confused as to which to choose.

First you should consider how many people on average do you regularly have sitting with you. This will help to decide the basic size you need to be accommodating for. Next think about the shape and style of your patio, what sort of table would like the best in this situation?

Now if you want to be able to entertain family and friends when they visit, consider the options of purchasing extra chairs instead of a larger table, as this can often be just as convenient and could save you some money in the process.

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