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All Weather Garden Furniture

Take the hassle from your furniture.

Enjoy it outside, in all seasons.

We stock premium quality, weatherproof rattan furniture.

This is because it’s made from higher quality materials than the cheaper alternatives.

  1. UV stabilized rattan – this means each synthetic strand is treated to protect it from the sun, and so will not rot, fade, or go brittle when left outside.
  2. Aluminium frames – this strong aluminium will not rust, so can be left outside in the rain or ice.

It is also hand woven for extra comfort, and includes all cushions.

The range of composite furniture we stock is called Winawood.

This is made from compressed plastics that looks and feels like real wood, however it requires none of the maintenance associated with it.

No need to oil it, store it, or cover it, simply leave it outside all year round.

It comes in a range of benches, chairs, and sets.

The perfect way to save you time and money in the long run, is all weather garden furniture. It’s the smart choice, because whereas a cheaper set may last half a year, during the winter it will degrade, require maintenance, and an expensive cover that needs replacing every year.

This type of furniture has long been needed, as a replacement for traditional wooden furniture, that doesn’t offer anything in terms of weatherproofing, in fact it’s the worst culprit for taking up your time sanding down and oiling your bench or set. We much prefer weatherproof garden furniture sets, as they can be left outside all year round, without any maintenance needed at all. It’s why they are called “all weather” or “no maintenance”, however they obviously won’t survive if the weather blows down a tree onto them, but they are built to withstand exposure to the natural elements of the UK, including the Scottish Highlands.

We stock a wide range online, including all weather benches such as Winawood furniture, and all weather rattan furniture, including Majestique reclining furniture.

Shop our range of all weather furniture below, and order online today. Some other popular all weather options include:

All Weather Rattan / Wicker

Our synthetic rattan furniture is much better quality than the majority of online retailers. We use premium materials than ensure longevity and comfort, so much so that these sets are considered weatherproof, and can be left outside all year.

The benefits of our Rattan furniture are:

  • UV stabilized rattan –  will not fade or go brittle
  • Aluminium frame – will not rust
  • Can be left outside all year
  • Comes with cushions included
  • A choice of colours and reclining rattan options

> Browse our full range of Rattan furniture by clicking here now.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the more common queries in relation to this type of garden furniture and garden seating.

What is all weather? What does all weather mean?

All weather means that this furniture can be left outside “in all weathers”. It means it has been treated to withstand the elements, meaning you don’t need to store it, cover it, or maintain it.

Why choose all weather, isn’t it more expensive?

This is a common one, with people who don’t want to pay the slightly higher prices of all weather. In reality, it actually ends up saving you more money, because you don’t have to replace your set as early, and you don’t spend money or time (more valuable) maintaining it in the meantime.

If something isn’t in stock, can you order it in?

Yes this is an option, often we have a more limited range on our website, so simply call us on 01455 274748 for more information about other product types. You can also come and visit our garden centre where all sets are on display, simply Google “Sapcote Garden Centre” for directions.

What makes synthetic rattan furniture all weather?

This is an interesting one, and refers to both the material used to hand weave the furniture, and the frame. The frame is made from aluminium, which physically cannot rust, ensuring that your set is protected in the snow, ice and rain. The rattan strands have been UV stabilized, which is a process to protect them from the UV rays of the run, preventing it fading or becoming brittle when left outside.

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