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Garden Bench Categories

All Weather Benches

Shop our range of weatherproof garden benches, no cover required, leave it out all year round.

2 Seater Benches

Shop our range of 2 seater garden benches, perfect for a small seat in your garden.

3 Seater Benches

Shop our range of 3 seater garden benches, perfect for a larger garden seat.

Loveseat Benches

Shop our range of love seat benches, providing an intimate seating area in your garden.

2 Year Warranty

2 Year Warranty

All of the garden benches that we sell come with a 2 year weatherproof guarantee. This means if any defects occur within 2 years of purchase you will receive a full replacement. This is automatically activated when you purchase.


Why you shouldn’t buy a wooden garden bench

Unlike a natural wooden bench, our composite range of furniture can be left outside all year, without the need to cover it or store it during the winter.

This will save you many hours of maintenance time of the lifetime of the bench, and will also save you a significant amount of money too.

On average you should rub down and oil your wooden bench every 3 months, which works out at approximately 2 hrs a year. Based on an average of £10 per hour wage, this could be worth £20 per year to you, which over the average 8 year lifespan of a bench is £160!

That’s not even including the cost of a cover, which on average costs £25 and lasts up to 2 years, costing you £100 over 8 years.

This makes the total cost of owning a wooden bench over 8 years at a staggering £260!

Therefore spending a little more on a weatherproof bench upfront, will save you money in the long run.

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